SAT阅读素材:Characteristics of True Community

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提高SAT阅读水平的一个必用的方法就是经常找一些SAT阅读素材进行练习,培养语感和阅读速度。前程百利小编搜索整理了一篇SAT阅读素材:Characteristics of True Community,下面我们来学习一下吧。



  SAT阅读考题重点考察考生的美国大学教材的快速阅读能力、理解能力及判断能力。SAT阅读除了检测考生的词汇量外,还要考察考生的理解及判断的综合能力。平时多看一些SAT阅读素材,培养语感和阅读速度,提升一下综合实力。下面来看一篇SAT阅读素材:Characteristics of True Community。

  Characteristics of True Community

  Inclusivity, commitment and consensus: Members accept and embrace each other, celebrating their individuality and transcending their differences. They commit themselves to the effort and the people involved. They make decisions and reconcile their differences through consensus.

  Realism: Members bring together multiple perspectives to better understand the whole context of the situation. Decisions are more well-rounded and humble, rather than one-sided and arrogant.

  Contemplation: Members examine themselves. They are individually and collectively self-aware of the world outside themselves, the world inside themselves, and the relationship between the two.

  A safe place: Members allow others to share their vulnerability, heal themselves, and express who they truly are.

  A laboratory for personal disarmament: Members experientially discover the rules for peacemaking and embrace its virtues. They feel and express compassion and respect for each other as fellow human beings.

  A group that can fight gracefully: Members resolve conflicts with wisdom and grace. They listen and understand, respect each others' gifts, accept each others' limitations, celebrate their differences, bind each others’ wounds, and commit to a struggle together rather than against each other.

  A group of all leaders: Members harness the “flow of leadership” to make decisions and set a course of action. It is the spirit of community itself that leads and not any single individual.

  A spirit: The true spirit of community is the spirit of peace, love, wisdom and power. Members may view the source of this spirit as an outgrowth of the collective self or as the manifestation of a Higher Will.


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